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CFW32C7ULA is based on the ARM Cortex-A7 core, the main frequency is 800MHz, with sipped the LP DDR2. It provides rich peripheral interfaces ,including MIPI /DVP/LCD/I2S/USB2.0 OTG and so on. The product has designed a variety of security mechanisms, including encryption and decryption algorithm SM2/SM3/SM4, TRNG,/AES/HASH, etc., also includes Chip ID, Tamper, and the mechanism of memory security area, etc.CFW32C7ULA meets industrial grade operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 105 degrees.

CFW32C7ULA is based on the ARM Cortex-A7 core, the main frequency is 800MHz, integrated with DDR, USB, MIPI, DVP and other high-speed peripheral interfaces. It also integrated with image processing unit, national secret algorithm (SM2/3/4), international encryption and decryption algorithm, Chip ID security mechanism. It has the advantages of high stability, high security, abundant peripheral interfaces, low power consumption and high cost performance.CFW32C7ULA supports BSP such as Linux, FreeRTOS, uCos and RT-Thread.


• Core Voltage: 1.1V

• Package:

- 108 BGA (6x8, 0.65 mm pitch)

- 213 LFBGA (10x10, 0.65mm pitch)

• Temperature: -40℃ to 105 ℃ (Tj)

Key Features and Advantages

• ARM Cortex-A7 @ 800  MHz, 32 KB I cache,32KB D cache

• LCD Display up to 4096x4096,  up to 8 layers

• MIPI and DVP Camera Sensor Interface

• SiP 16-bit LP DDR2 (32MB)

• USB 2.0 OTG, HS/FS, Device or Host with PHY

• Audio Interfaces include I2S/TDM

• Four-channel QuadSPI NOR FLASH

• EFUSE, Chip ID ,   Secure Boot

• Security Block: TRNG, Crypto Engine, UAC


• ISP Integration

• DPACC Integration (up to 1920x2040)



• 8 bit ADC X 2

• Tamper support


• Linux/FreeRTOS/uCos/RT-Thread BSP from CodeFair

Block Diagram

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