S31 is based on the ARM Cortex-M3 core, the main frequency is 90MHz. It has rich interface resources, including three-track magnetic card interface, IC card interface, multi-channel PWM, USB2.0, multi-channel SPI, UART, I2S, I2C and other peripheral interfaces. It supports encryption and decryption algorithm SM2/SM3/SM4/DES/AES/SHA/RSA,etc.It also supports anti-SPA /DPA, TAMPER, voltage, temperature, frequency, burr detection and other security protection mechanisms.


S31 is a 32 bit high performance security MCU, with high functional integration, safety certification and other advantages. It supports three track magnetic card, IC card, non-wave card payment; Built-in safety keyboard; mainstream encryption algorithms; open cover detection and other anti-attack security features; classic /BLE dual-mode Bluetooth, compatible with mainstream Android/iOS devices. S31 has the advantages of low power consumption, high performance, multi-function and high security. S31 can be widely used in POS, intelligent printer, logistics and transportation, security access control, ETC OBU, social security, ID card reader, intelligent lock and other fields.


• Temperature: -40℃ to 105 ℃ (Tj)

• Package:QFN32/QFN52/QFN68
Key Features and Advantages

• ARM Cortex-M3@ 90  MHz

• 64K SRAM,512K Flash
• Three track magnetic card, IC card interface

• Audio Interfaces I2S

• Tamper support
• Crypto Engine, UAC(DESAES/SHA/RSA, SM2/SM3/SM4)
• Anti-SPA /DPA, TAMPER, voltage, temperature, frequency, burr detection

• ADC x8

• BCTC, PCI and state secret certification 

Block Diagram

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